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The 2012 HHSAA Board of Directors, with Superintendent Dr. Peggy Buffington

The 2012-13 HHSAA Board of Directors with Superintendent Peggy Buffington and Lifetime Member
Paul Throne, at the 2012 Annual Meeting. Front row: Barb Phillips Rowley, Lynn Sheets Kostbade, Andi Beluchak Fressle, Tracy Estabrook McCullough, Kathy Fattore Allen, Peggy Buffington. Second row: Holli
Smith Kostbade, Dawn Briney Krull, Paul Addison, Sharon Wozniak Palmeri. Back row: David Spitzer, Lynn Hasza Heintz, Debra Broker Opolski, Paul Throne, Sherry Oswald Peterson.


The Hobart High School Alumni Association was formed in July, 2010, to support Hobart High School and its alumni. The HHS Alumni Association is the official sponsor of BrickieFest 2011.

The HHS Alumni Association is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. Your membership dues of $10 and your donations of any amount are tax-deductible, and go to provide scholarships to HHS students and alumni, and professional development grants for HHS teachers. With your donations, we plan to begin offering scholarships in the 2011-2012 school year!

We also serve as a resource for all graduating classes of Hobart High School, providing contact information for classmates who register, and publicizing class reunion activities.


The mission of the Hobart High School Alumni Association is to develop and maintain a close relationship between Hobart High School, its constituents, and its alumni for their mutual benefit.  The Association is committed to, and involved in, the support and well-being of Hobart High School and its alumni.


Paul Addison, Class of 1970, President
Holli Smith Kostbade, Class of 1998, Vice-President
Lynn Hasza Heintz, Class of 1967, Recording Secretary
Tracy Estabrook McCullough, Class of 1978, Corresponding Secretary
Debra Broker Opolski, Class of 1970, Treasurer

Brent Martinson, Principal, Hobart High School
Lynn Sheets Kostbade, Class of 1966
Dawn Briney Krull, Class of 1968
Sherry Oswald Peterson, Class of 1965
Michael Trammel, Class of 1967
Jane Woodruff, Class of 1969

David Kostbade, Class of 2016
McKayla DeLeon, Class of 2016

EMAIL US AT: info@hobartalumni.org